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Approx. Latitude S 27 23' 52"   Longitude E 152  55'  35"  Elevation 76 m

This weather station at Ferny Grove is intended to provide twice daily updates of local metrological measurements. I hope that you find the information useful, your comments, thoughts and/or suggestions are welcome. You can send an email to

Station Status

Temperature and humidity sensors are have been relocated to a nearby and similar new location at least temporarily which may have an impact on recorded observations. This will be closely monitored and siting adjustments made as necessary. Further updates will be issued if required.

Wind direction measurements are not available until further notice due to equipment failure at 11:00 AM on December 24 2017. This has cause the wind direction measurements to not record correctly and repeatedly record the same direction for a long period of time. The anemometer and cable was inspected with no obvious issues and mostly likely a fault in the internal electronics. An attempt was made to use a working anemometer in a similar but not compatible and older station of the same brand but its measurements didn't register. This issue will probably remain until a replacement station is obtained in the near future.

Rainfall observations were incorrect on Thursday 24 August 2017 with readings too low, however rainfall since this occurred has been measured correctly (as compared with a manual rain gauge). The gauge has been checked and the issue is most likely caused by a failing component (rusting magnet) which has been gradually occurring. The gauge was tested for correct operation (by manually tipping the tipping buckets) and also testing with water with the gauge preforming correctly. It possible humid air and/ or moisture while raining was contributing to the issue. It is expected readings might not be reliable and become less reliable and more erratic as the component rusts further. The gauge will be continued to be closely monitored. A new web page may be provided soon to provide readings from a manual gauge as a partial replacement for the rainfall observations if the rainfall continues to be an issue. Depending on its future performance the weather station may be replaced in the future.

Note that observations for Tuesday 25 July 2017 the accuracy of some readings were affected at times between approximately 7am and 2pm.

Manual measurements have been made since April 2009(under construction at the this point in time)/ Most data presented on this site is gathered by Cumulus weather station software which started recording from October 2011.

The weather Station in use with Cumulus is the La Crosse WS 2306 which records inside and outside Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Barometric Pressure and Wind Speed and Direction. It records from three outdoor sensors at 128 second intervals and transmits via wireless signal to a base unit indoors. The weather station records these measurements at 5 minute interval which are downloaded to the Cumulus software for processing to this website usually once or twice a day. At times especially during notable weather and on weekends this site updates every 15 minutes and with the software measuring in realtime.

The rain and wind sensors are mounted at roof level (2.6m) to allow for good airflow and reasonably accurate measurements with a suitable calibration for the wind sensor to report wind speeds at 10 metres. The Temperature Humidity Sensor is located under the eaves protected by direct sunlight, while air pressure and indoor temperature are measured indoors.

Rainfall is accurate to within +/- twenty per cent of a manual gauge, daytime temperatures is within 1 degree of expectation, overnight temperatures under report by 1 to 4 degrees, maximum humidity under reports by up to 10 per cent (minimum humidity also at times at very low humidity) and wind under or over reports slightly at certain days. This is due to the siting of the low accuracy sensors and also because it has a low update frequency. However all other measurements are within acceptable accuracy. Therefore use the information as only a general guide.

Note that the manual data is more accurate than the station in use with Cumulus as the manual data makes allowances for inaccurate data due to the siting of the sensors. This is because the overnight temperature and humidity are under the eaves and does not measure the extremes as well, wind readings are not entirely accurate and the automatic rain gauge only measures to 0.5mm resolution and is not as accurate as the manual gauge which measures to 0.1mm resolution.

To maintain privacy the station longitude and latitude coordinates provided on this site are only approximate.

Details of system used to process the data
Weather Station Details
Weather Station La Crosse WS-2306
Weather Station Location Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Queensland,Australia-12KM North West of Brisbane and 20 KM west of coast
Computer WeatherSoftware Cumulus
Computer Software Version 1.9.4 1099
Program Up Time 6 hours 44 minutes
Update Interval Recorded at 5 minute intervals except when the weather software is running it is measured each minute and is updated at the start and end of most days,
Last Update 25/09/2018 2:00:01 AM
Weather Software Start Date 06 October 2011
Processing System Details
Operating System Windows 10 Home x64 Version 1709 Build 16299.192
Operating System Language English
System Up Time 8 days 2 hours
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz
Number of Processors 4
Memory Status 4351/8027 MB (free/total))
Display Size 1366x768, 32 bit
Allocated Memory 105.35 MB
Disk Space 930.2 GB
Free Disk Space 460.58 GB


Thanks to Cumulus of Sandaysoft which is written and maintained by Steve Loft and is used as the main software for handling of the station data on this site.

Thanks also goes to the following websites who provide freely reusable data or is used for collecting data to present on this site:

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