Ferny Grove weather

Station Location: Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Approx. Latitude S 27° 23' 52"   Longitude E 152 ° 55'  35"  Elevation 76 m

Dawn: 05:11 Sunrise: 05:35 Moonrise: 08:20 Moon
Dusk: 18:54 Sunset:  18:30 Moonset: 20:43
Daylight: 13:43 Day length: 12:55 Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 9 % visible

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Welcome to Ferny Grove weather a suburb in North West Brisbane, Queensland, Australia about 12km from Brisbane City and 20 km inland from the coast.

Station Status

Wind direction measurements are not available until further notice due to equipment failure at 11:00 AM on December 24 2017. This has cause the wind direction measurements to not record correctly and repeatedly record the same direction. This issue will probably remain until a replacement is obtained in the near future. However alternative wind measurements are provided on this page in a trial state as a temporary substitute but at a lower measuring frequency.

Rainfall observations were incorrect on Thursday 24 August 2017 with readings too low, however rainfall since this occurred has been measured correctly (as compared with a manual rain gauge). The rain gauge is possibly becoming faulty and is being closely monitored. See here for more information.

Note that observations for Tuesday 25 July 2017 the accuracy of some readings were affected at times between approximately 7am and 2pm.

The weather station in use is the La Crosse WS 2306, and the data is measured at 5 minute intervals except when the weather station is running when it is measured each minute. These pages are usually updated twice daily usually at the start and end of most days. Note that these pages are not continually updated at a regular interval. However sometimes these pages do update regularly usually every 15 minutes especially during weekends and during notable weather. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

The temperature and humidity data collected is sited in an oversheltered spot out of sunlight. Therefore the recordings are inaccurate but mainly for overnight readings. However manual measurements are also made using an additional sensor and this has more accurate overnight readings. At the present time these recordings are not available on this site at present but will be in future. This data may be also available upon request.

There will be 1min 33s less daylight tomorrow

Short term forecast*: Fairly fine, possible showers early

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Conditions at local AEST time 08:26 on 19 February 2018 (GMT +10 hours)Conditions at local time 08:26 on 19 February 2018.  
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 25.4 °C Dew Point* 20.0 °C
Wind Chill* 25.4 °C Humidity* 72%
Heat Index* 25.4 °C Apparent Temperature* 28.5 °C
Average Temperature so far Today* 22.7 °C Temperature Change in the Last Hour +2.3 °C
Three hour Temperature Trend +1.3 °C Rising Wet Bulb Temperature 21.7  
Rainfall Today 0.0 mm Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr
Rainfall Yesterday 0.0 mm Cloud Base* 675 m
Rainfall This Month 51.1 mm Rainfall This Year 95.6 mm
Rainfall Last Hour 0.0 mm Last rainfall (of least 0.5mm) Sat 17/02/2018 3:35
Rainfall Last 24 Hours 0.0  mm Rainfall Yesterday 0.0mm
Consecutive Wet Days (of least 0.5mm) 0 Days Since It Last Rained 1
Wind Speed (Gust) 10.4 km/h Wind Speed (avg over 10 minutes) 3.2 km/h
Wind Bearing 247° WSW Beaufort F1 Light air
Barometer*  1010.1 hPa Trend: Rising slowly 0.3 hPa/hr
Current Weather Note For Ferny Grove.

Last updated at 8:26 AM on 19 February 2018.

16/2/18: Becoming partly cloudy during the day and then cloudy in the afternoon. This was ahead of the arrival of a moderate thunderstorm from the south with fierce and severe electrical activity. Thunder head between 17:15 and 19:30 with lost of power between 18:10 and 20:10. Hot and humid with the maximum temperature well above average while the temperature was a little variable later in the morning and in the afternoon. The Dew point remained high and stable before slowly falling in the afternoon. At 6 pm the dew point dropped with the storm to 20 degrees (on average) and remained this way for the rest of the evening. Relative humidity has been high with the lowest only 60 per cent rather early at midday before generally becoming stable in the afternoon. There was a gradual rise in the relative humidity later in the afternoon and in the evening before and after the storm. Air pressure was stable early before falling during the afternoon before rising 2.5 hPa in 90 minutes prior to the storm and the falling and then rising similarly after the storm. Later in the evening air pressure was stable. Wind was light west to norht-northwest early and to east to northeast from the afternoon.

17/2/17: Overnight light showers clearing to a fine day. Warm and humid. Partly cloudy developing during the morning with less cloud later in the afternoon. The temperature was a little variable steadying in the afternoon and evening. The dew point rose slowly overnight near average before rising faster during the morning to be above average. From later in the morning the dew point fell but remaining high. Relative humidity has remained high while the air pressure has been rising slowly. Light E winds shifting to ESE to SSE before sunrise.

18/2/18: Fine, warm and humid. Partly cloudy skies developing during the morning and decaying later in the afternoon. The temperature rose steadily in the morning, was a little variable in the middle of the day and then steadied from the afternoon. The dew point was slightly high overnight before rising in the morning. The dew point remained high before falling later in the afternoon and evening back to average. Relative humidity was however typical while air pressure has continued to slowly drop. Light SSW winds early becoming light to moderate SSE to SE later in the morning and in the afternoon and then light E to NE in the evening.

Visit Bureau of Meteorology for the latest official weather warnings and forecasts.

Alternative wind direction measurements:

This wind direction information is a temporary substitute due to equipment failure but at a lower measuring frequency, in a trial state and issues may be present. Please give if issues are apparent.


Courtesy of WillyWeather based on data from Bureau of Meteorology. Latest conditions from BoM Brisbane weather station.

Radar courtesy of Weather Underground from data collected by the Bureau of Meteorology Mount Stapylton Radar

Satellite courtesy of CIMSS from the geostationary satellite Himawari-8 operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Graphical Forecast courtesy of Seabreeze

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Please note that this is not an official weather station. This is a non-commercial site providing data from a personal weather station and without responsibility for any use of this data. The information provided here is not to be used in circumstances where safety based decisions is made for the protection of life or property. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible this data should only be used for general interest. This data doesn't meet WMO and BOM standards and is a non-standard installation using non professional equpment. There is no guarantee on the reliability and continuity of this service through to the internet. The data supplied here unless otherwise stated otherwise is the property of Ferny Grove Weather and may not retransmitted without permission.

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